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The Governing Body

Every school has a Governing Body, made up of a team of local volunteers, both from within the school community and the outside community. The Governors represent the parents and public in important matters involving the school and the Local Authority. The Governors, in co-operation with the Headteacher, are concerned with the educational facilities made available by Suffolk County Council, understanding the quality of teaching and learning within the school, the maintenance of school buildings, the appointment of staff, and the general administration of the school curriculum. 

The day to day details of teaching and school business are the responsibility of the Headteacher and the staff.

The Governing Body focuses on the long-term development and improvement of the school and has collective responsibility for decisions made relating to spending the school’s budget.

At Cockfield CEVC Primary School we see the value and encourage diversity within our Governing Body. Having a diverse membership brings different perspectives and experiences to discussion and decision making; creating a robust, more informed and ultimately a more effective Governing Body. We strive to actively recruit Governors in a range of ways to ensure our school and the wider community are effectively represented, while ensuring appropriate skills and experiences are utilised.

At Cockfield Primary School, the Governing Body comprises 10 members:

  • 2 Co-opted Governors, elected to provide a link between the school and the local community
  • 1 LA Governor appointed by the Local Authority
  • 2 Foundation Governors (representatives from the Church)
  • 3 Parent Governors elected by parents and carers of children at the school
  • 2 Staff Governors elected by members of staff at the school. The Headteacher is automatically one of the Staff Governors

At the beginning of the first meeting of the Autumn term, one Governor is elected as Chair, and one as Vice-Chair. The Governing Body is also supported by a trained Clerk, who takes minutes and provides advice and support. The Chair of Governors is Dr Norman Kelly. The Vice-Chair is the Reverend Sharon Potter.

Twice termly meetings are held, which coupled with frequent visits mean the Governors are able to carry out their responsibilities.  A range of committees operate to enable the Governors to contribute to the administration of the school and support teachers in their work with the children. These include, among others:

  • Finance and Personnel Committee
  • Curriculum Committee
  • Premises Committee

Governors also take responsibility for monitoring subjects in the curriculum through planned visits to the school, talking to both teachers and pupils and seeing what goes on in the classroom.

All Governors, and especially the elected Parent Governors, are willing to be approached by any parent who feels that they would like to speak with a Governor about school matters.

Current Governing Body Members:

Dr Norman Kelly

Chair of Governors, Co-opted Governor

Norman joined the Governing Body in July 2013, and became Foundation Governor in May 2016. He became Co-Chair in October 2018 and Chair in October 2019.

Norman Chairs the Curriculum Committee, the Pupil Discipline Committee and the Premises Committee.  He is also a member of the Finance and Personnel Committee and the Appeals Committee. He is the Governor responsible for subject monitoring of Geography, History, Pupil Premium and Science.  His term of office ends in May 2020.

Rev Sharon Potter

Vice Chair of Governors, Foundation Governor

Sharon joined the Governing Body in February 2012, and was elected Chair in March 2013.  She is the Rector of the Cockfield Benefice and is therefore an ex-officio member. She took up the Vice-Chair position in October 2018.

Sharon is Chair of the Headteacher’s Performance Review Group and is a member of the Finance and Personnel Committee.  She is also the Governor responsible for subject monitoring of Religious Education, Collective Worship and PHSE. Her term of office ends in January 2022.

Simon Hibbert

Parent Governor

Simon Hibbert is a Parent Governor, joining the Body in February 2022.  He has recent teaching and leadership experience, making him a valuable asset to the school.

Amy Perkins

Staff Governor

Amy joined the school 2014, and became Staff Representative in September 2015.

Amy is a member of the Curriculum Committee. Amy’s term of office ends in September 2023.

Dr Martin Moss

Local Authority Governor

Martin joined the Governing Body in December 2020. Martin is responsible for monitoring Safeguarding.

Melanie Salinger

Foundation Governor

Foundation Governor Melanie Salinger, a former teacher, joined the board of Governors in March 2022 and her term of office is till March 2026.

Melanie will sit on the curriculum committee and will monitor PSHE and music.