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Statement of Intent

From the moment that children step through the doorway of this historic building they are encouraged to become historians. History education at Cockfield CEVC Primary School aims to develop children’s understanding about life at different times in the past, from the most ancient civilisations to the modern day. Our aim is to provide children with engaging and stimulating experiences in historical learning which will help them understand the past and how it has shaped the world they live in today. We aim to bring history alive through organising trips to historic locations such as castles or to enrich the curriculum through inviting experts into school to share their knowledge. As children move through the school, they will encounter a carefully planned pathway of historical learning experiences which will help them to build a picture of the past. Throughout this journey staff carefully build in opportunities for children to place events, significant individuals, and civilisations onto a timeline, helping to build children’s understanding of how history fits together. Our school values of compassion, perseverance and respect will be explored through these learning experiences as we consider how these have impacted lives in the past as well as how they could impact our future.