Cockfield C of E Primary School

We share, we care and learn together

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Mission Statement

Our Vision and Aims & Values

Live in harmony with one another; be sympathetic, love as brothers, be compassionate and humble. 1 Peter 3:8

‘We share, we care and learn together.’

 The happy and secure environment of our school allows the children to reach their fullest potential. Our model for learning begins with the child and enquiry, with emphasis on the process and development of skills and concepts.

The school environment creates conditions for effective learning, to stimulate and motivate the children to enquire about themselves and their world. Our children are valued and supported. 

  1. To provide a safe, happy, family atmosphere conducive to learning in its widest context.
  2. To offer curriculum coherence, teaching subjects in a deeper and more profound way, which offers every individual intellectual development.
  3. Aspirations to achieve a high standard of achievement academically, physically, socially, morally and spiritually.
  4. To establish within the children an awareness of their place in the school, in the community, and in society at large.
  5. To encourage within each child a responsible attitude towards themselves and towards others.
  6. To encourage the development of confidence within each child and to generate opportunities which will challenge each one to positively extend their experiences.

Our Christian Values

We introduce the children to worship and prayer, to God and Jesus, and to the seasons and traditions of a Christian community – in an age appropriate way. As a church school we provide children and staff an opportunity to come together, sing, pray, share their hopes, needs and provide time to reflect.

The community of our school has chosen the Christian values that are most important to them:

Friendship: We are kind and encourage one another and help our friends.

Perseverance: We don’t give up when things look hard or tough.

Compassion: We look after each other and share and think about how others feel.

Truthfulness: We try not to lie and be honest with our friends and teachers. 

RespectIn school adults and children show respect for each other, their belongings and the environment. 

Creativity – We look after our world; we know how important it is to take steps to help others see the vulnerability of the world around us.